Construction News

Few Industries Are As Exciting As Construction News

While there’s been much talk of a looming recession, construction companies have kept their project backlogs steady. They’ve also been able to take advantage of unique trends like green construction and augmented reality.

Founded in 1917, ENR provides the engineering and construction news that professionals in the industry need to know. You can find articles ranging from labor shortages to best practices for using BIM.


ConstructConnect offers construction bid management software for contractors to manage project leads, preconstruction and bidding processes. The solution helps reduce risk and automate analysis to increase ROI. The system also helps identify the lowest bid, increases transparency and tracks relationships. Other features include a contractor and sub network, branded invitations to bid, files, email communications and custom reports.

Pricing for ConstructConnect varies depending on the number of users and features needed. Users can purchase a plan room for an unlimited number of projects, bid invites, documents and email notifications. In addition, customers can access the system from a mobile app.

In addition to the online plan room, ConstructConnect offers a suite of preconstruction tools that include bidding software, estimating software and a database of public construction projects. The company’s data comes from the Dodge database and a consortium of leading preconstruction data companies, including CMD Group, iSqFt and BidClerk. Users can track projects in their geographic area and receive roundup reports as frequently as daily.

Construction Dive

Few industries are as exciting as construction. With shifting markets, innovative tech and new trends to track, there’s always something happening. Whether you’re a builder, remodeler or supplier, these resources are worth bookmarking to keep up with the latest.

This industry news site focuses on commercial and residential building, green construction, deals, design and other topics. Part of the Industry Dive family of publications, it reaches more than 11 million decision-makers across 22 competitive industries with expert insight and analysis.

A Buildertrend favorite during the coronavirus pandemic, this resource is brimming with news and resources that help contractors tap into the lucrative infrastructure sector. It covers projects, contractor profiles and news from Capitol Hill as Congress debates a massive $550+ billion plan to fix America’s roads, bridges and highways. It also features best practices for contractors to implement flexible work guidelines that allow workers to care for children or elderly parents while still keeping jobs on track.

AEC Business

Just drive down any major road and you’ll see buildings going up, some just a few stories, others stretching to the sky. These construction projects all require a team of multidisciplinary architecture, engineering and construction professionals working together to bring them from conception to completion.

These projects are complex and the stakes are high. With so much at risk, AEC leaders must have consistent visibility into project progress. Unfortunately, most AEC companies have insufficient tools to keep track of project risks, schedules and deliverables. Often, this results in missed deadlines and budget overruns.

Zweig Group helps AEC firms compete and win by providing management consulting, valuation services, executive search, M&A advisory, board of director services, and business development training. Their AEC industry blogs cover topics such as construction project management, strategic planning, value creation, and a variety of other topics that are relevant to the AEC industry. The blogs also feature interviews with AEC firm executives, allowing readers to learn firsthand from the top leaders in the industry.

Construction and Demolition Recycling

Construction and demolition (C&D) materials make up the majority of all disposed waste, but many can be reused or recycled instead. Common C&D materials include metals, lumber, drywall, concrete and other types of masonry, carpet, dirt, rocks and green waste related to land development.

Reusing or recycling these materials extends the life of finite natural resources, boosts local economies and helps reduce landfill waste. Incorporating source reduction measures, such as deconstruction or design for disassembly, into the project design phase can significantly cut C&D waste.

With a bit of light planning and diligence, most C&D materials can be saved from the landfill through a combination of recycling and reuse. This page directs you to current recycling outlets, Vermont-based regulations and resource-conscious strategies for your C&D projects.

Construction Executive

Managing a construction company is a challenging task that requires years of experience. Whether you are the CEO or a C-level executive, your duties involve making decisions that impact the entire operation of your company. You may also be the face of your organization, meeting with high-profile clients and bringing in new business.

Amid a labor shortage, construction companies must focus on recruiting and retaining talent. One way to do this is to create a more human-centric workplace. This is the approach taken by Counslr, a text-based support app that helps workers cope with stress and anxiety.

Construction News is a monthly newspaper and digital media serving the architecture, engineering and construction industries in San Antonio and Austin, Texas. The publication is distributed through targeted direct mail, rack locations and a subscription program. The newspaper covers local industry people, companies and events in the AEC community. It also features news and information on industry trends and legislation affecting the AEC sector.

Construction Today

There are many different ways that construction experts and executives keep their finger on the pulse of the industry. One of these is Construction Today, a digital magazine that provides insights on the industry’s latest technology and trends. It also carefully tracks legislative issues affecting the construction industry.

Construction Today’s subscriber base includes industry people from Austin and San Antonio, as well as those who work in government sectors. The publication has been around since 1957 and is available in both print and digital form. Their online subscription service provides news, videos, top contractor lists and more.

In addition to this, Construction Today also provides information on the latest tools and equipment used in the construction industry. They also offer a free subscription for their equipment world magazine that covers everything from design to market research. It is an essential read for anyone interested in the industry. The site offers a weekly newsletter that is packed with interesting information.


Few industries are as exciting as construction. From shifting markets to new trends to track, there’s always something going on. And even in a pause during the COVID-19 pandemic, builders and remodelers found ways to stay busy while keeping up with their businesses.

Builder is Haney Wood’s news outlet for residential construction. This site offers a wealth of information about building design, the latest products contractors are using and tips for running their business.

The site covers the architecture, design and construction (AEC) industry in San Antonio and Austin, Texas. It also focuses on local industry people, companies and events. In addition to the daily newspaper, it publishes monthly news magazines and offers an email newsletter. Its issue experts offer insights and analysis on a variety of topics including economic trends, legislation impacting the construction industry and green construction. Its content is distributed by targeted direct mail, rack locations and a digital subscription program.


Few industries are as exciting as construction. Like a good soap opera, there is always drama: shifting markets, new tech trends and challenges to overcome. This past year has been no exception. The COVID-19 pandemic halted construction projects, but it also forced many to reinvent their businesses and find ways to work smarter, not harder.

Whether you’re looking for insights on design or the latest products for your builder business, there are plenty of great resources out there to keep you up-to-date. From industry news sites to top technology blogs, these sources cover every aspect of the construction world. From general contractors to design firms, no one should be without these essential resources. Keep these construction news websites bookmarked for the latest updates. You’ll be glad you did!


BD+C brings the latest news, hottest trends, and most relevant research to building designers, architects, engineers, contractors, owners, and developers. The magazine covers the industry’s newest technology, green construction, safety training, and contract documents. BD+C also hosts a variety of events that bring together top experts from across the AEC world.

The BD+C exam is two-part, with the first part being the Green Associate (GA) exam, which has 100 questions and takes 2 hours. The second part is the BD+C portion, which requires knowledge of all the information in the reference guide. For example, if an office project certifying under BD+C: New Construction includes a data center, the team may need to consult the guidelines for BD+C: Data Centers. This is a common scenario for projects with a mix of uses.